Therapeutic Dream Work

with Jennifer L. Kerns, M.A. , LCMHC, Depth Psychotherapist


Dreams are the truth tellers of deep psyche. They see the things deep within our inner landscapes that we do not yet know or understand. They come in the night, like great Gift Givers, bearing riches and fruits, bread and honey, water and wine. One who is wise knows that tracking the symbolic language of dreams is an essential part of individuation's psychospiritual task of enlarging the soul through relocating personal power. 

The utilization of dream analysis in the therapeutic process provides a great source of information and inspiration for addressing, processing, resolving, and integrating latent content that soon arises in the healing work for psychic resolution. Dreams are made up of psychic properties and archetypal symbols, that when tapped, are incredibly healing and balancing.

Dreams not only communicate states of psychic health unknown to the ego, individually and collectively, but also, messages from our deepest desires. When distilled through the therapeutic process, these messages become like gold pieces to us. As we collect and cherish, our lives become enriched by them and we are moved toward greater wholeness and self-awareness.

As a Depth psychotherapist (Jungian-oriented, Pacifica Graduate Institute), I have received training in several theories and approaches to working therapeutically with dreams. I turn to dream analysis as an essential resource in my work. 

Therapeutic Dream Work is naturally integrated into the following services below:

Depth psychotherapy

Psychotherapeutic Reiki


Dream Tending Sessions:

I also meet with individuals who want support tending to specific dreams, or bridging dream imagery and inspiration to their life, a project or task.

For this, I turn to an approach called Dream Tending, which is a contemporary technique created by Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D. This technique moves the Dream Work beyond the classical approaches of association and amplification, and into the realm of re-animation.

Insurances: BCBS and Medicaid.

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