Temenos Vermont

Student Graduate Testimonials

Jen provides professional, personalized and comprehensive Reiki treatments. She uses Reiki as a tool for healing and deep relaxation while drawing upon other aspects of her professional work to help the client look inward at some of the potential causes for imbalances in the body. All aspects of her treatment, her demeanor, the space and the treatment, felt warm and attentive. It is very clear, from her extensive understanding of Reiki and her compassion to the client, that Jen is meant to help heal others and provide them with tools to heal themselves. Thanks for all you do, Jen!
— Colleen Kent, Reiki practitioner
Jenn is an incredible person, Reiki healer, and teacher. I was so inspired by my Reiki sessions with Jenn that I decided to take her First Degree Reiki Course. She even helped me find funding for it! I am utterly impressed with Jenn’s passion and dedication to Reiki, as well as her interest in combining this powerful healing technique with other forms of spirituality and psychology. What I learned about myself and the universe through our sessions and class is invaluable, and I am so excited to have Reiki as a permanent part of my life now!
— Amy Wild, Reiki practitioner
Jen brings the most sincere, unwavering curiosity and joy for life to every moment, and it is this vibration which those around her are consistently gifted. Her commitment to the investigation of life, whole health and Spirit is truly inspiring, and is only matched by a very natural ability to teach and heal. She does this all with such humility, grace, humor and professionalism that her client or student feels simultaneously open, at ease, confident and challenged ~ the perfect recipe for healing and learning to occur. Having known Jen first as employee, then as my healer and then my teacher, I have had the great privilege to experience the full spectrum of Jen’s character and gifts. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking deep, authentic healing as well as those seeking instruction in the Healing Arts~ or both, as there is no doubt that one becomes the other, as they should, when in Jen’s company.
— Amanda Verdery, Reiki master practitioner
The Creative Concept Development: Art as Alchemy met my expectations and surpassed them. I learned sustaining ways to tend to my own creative force, and also gained a wealth of confidence in what I have to share with the world, and that there are amazing, receptive, and encouraging people to guide you.
— Mia Pinheiro, student alumni
I began my journey with Jennifer as a loyal client. It was obvious to me that after feeling the deep, healing and energetic benefits of receiving Reiki that I wanted to be able to channel Reiki for my friends, family, and especially for myself. My experience with Jennifer before, during and after the First Degree Reiki Training Program was exceptional. It is a professional and educational environment but there is a gentleness and ease that Jennifer provides not only as a healer, but as a teacher. Self-healing through Reiki has tapped into a kind of spiritual self-sustainability that has forever shifted the way I see the world. I look forward to taking more classes in the future with Jennifer!
— Amanda Calendine, Reiki practitioner
I think that the Reiki level 1 training was some of the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. Having worked with Jenn in the past, and knowing her a bit personally, I knew I wanted to start my reiki exploration with her. Her intuition and encouragement to trust in one’s own imagination was one of the major reasons I chose to learn more. She is extremely knowledgeable in this subject which can seem confusing or ungrounded, because it’s often manipulated. Jenn’s joy is contagious, and I realize that the Reiki energy is a huge part of that. The training helped me find the source of my joy ~ I am recommending this course to friends and family who have ever expressed interest - and even to those who have not! I never had thought I would study reiki, as Jenn said, reiki must have found me, not me it. I feel amazing since committing to self practice, and it has already helped me be deepen my awareness when working with clients.
— Adena Rose Harford Bright, Reiki practitioner