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basic guidelines + What We  Look for

mission values - dream with us.

As a teaching platform, Temenos Vermont invites experts in their respective field to join us in hosting soul-centered programming that aims to enrich and enliven the creative life and spirit of each student participant.

All teachers interested in hosting vocational workshops and/or programming through Temenos Vermont are required to submit a proposal that includes the following: 

  • Workshop or Course overview-- Please provide an overview summarizing your teaching objectives and student objectives. Feel free to take a look at some examples on our site. How does your vision match up with our mission? What will students walk away from the course with? Please take into consideration that first and foremost, we offer vocational trainings that help students gain the confidence and competence that they need to be successful in their respective field. 

  • Students -- What population of students are you looking to work with? Main audience?

  • Course Format-- What's your availability? What's your programs format? i.e. is this a daylong workshop, weekend intensive, week or two intensive, or a more spaced out teaching mentorship over the course of a few months? Will you provide one on one individualized attention, work in small groups, or a blend of both?

  • Projected costs-- What's your teaching fee per teaching hour or course? Other costs? 

  • Teaching Needs -- Location, office space, supplies, ect?

  • Projected Course Start/End date? Please note that it is often best to advertise a course a few months prior to its start date. This will ensure turn-around time for any student who will be applying for an educational assistance grant, which can take up to two to three weeks to be confirmed. 

  • Please send a resume/cv to temenosvt@gmail.com that includes any pasts examples of the course being proposed.

  • Please include your portfolio/website/social media outlets, if possible, to help us get to know you.

our students

The students that are drawn to our programs come from all walks of life and all ages. Those who get the most out of our programs are often individuals who have a passion for small business development, health and wellness, the arts and humanities, and/or spiritual growth.

programming formats, Funding

Our primary funding source for our program is the VSAC Non-Degree grant and scholarship that is committed to providing vocational skills training opportunities for Vermonters, with the intent of increasing employability. We also offer all of our programs on a sliding scale basis, and have payment programs for students who do not qualify for the grant.

Temenos Vermont specializes in offering soul-centered programs that operate within the tenets of immersive learning.

It is our goal to restore a sense of wholeness and soulful embodiment in students through creating immersive learning environments for personal enrichment and transformation.

Past teaching models for our programs are as follows:

  • IMMERSION RETREATS that run for 6-10 hours a day, over the course of 2-3 days.
  • INTENSIVE WORKSHOPS that run for two weeks long, programming is full-time.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED one-on-one coaching sessions with students, scheduled on a per student basis. These meetings run weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly; and the length of this program format depends on teacher's program that has been agreed upon prior to enrollment. The sessions happen either in person or via skype/facetime (remote learning). Often this course model is no less than two to three months long, and no longer than six months. 
  • SMALL GROUPS schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Meetings take place in an agreed upon location in Burlington, VT.