SouLabVT offers courses, or 'labs', that provide students the unique opportunity to engage in educational experiences earthed in the Depth psychological tradition as the basis for rich and dynamic explorations of the soul.  

/laboratory/: any place, situation or set of conditions conducive to experimentation, investigation or observation. 


Creative Concept Development: [ Music: An Experiential Approach to the Sonic Experience ]

SouLABVT Creative Concept Development courses explore the depth psychological origins, and vocational applications for, one's inner creative life. Working within an immersion learning paradigm, student-artists' pursue skills training with a working artist in their respective field, receiving mentorship and guidance as they cultivate their personal concept of the creative process. This summer's guest artist instructor is Vermont-based musician Wren Kitz.  

Instructor: Wren Kitz, Sound Artist + Musician

When: Sessions determined by student + instructor, open enrollment begins July 1, 2017.   

Calling all: Artists seeking their creative and professional edge.


BizLab: Essentials of Entrepreneurship + Building Your Small Business

All businesses start from the same place: an idea. We all have a creative spark that we want turn into something tangible. Making that leap is not without its challenges; however, we challenge you to sit down with your idea, and ask not how, but when

Instructor: Will Carlson, Small Business Adviser and owner of Carlson Consulting, LLC

When: Sessions determined by student + instructor, open enrollment begins July 1, 2017.

Calling all: Entrepreneurs looking to connect with the soul of their work, while gaining concrete tools for success.


The Body EnSouled: Intimacy of Place + Insight of Motion

Jungian thought is fused with Movement/Dance studies in this course that combines immersion workshops + cumulative performance with an independent project mentorship. We will use our bodies in motion and sensory environments to replenish antiquated perceptions and trajectories, nurturing a freshness of intuitive insight. The curriculum provides concrete experiences in improvisational movement, choreographic development, the collaborative process, confidence in performative expression, creation+completion of an independent work and learning the foundational tenets of Jungian thought and Embodied Active Imagination. 

Instructors: Mia Pinheiro Movement Artist/Choreographer + Jennifer Kerns, M.A.

When: Weekly Immersive workshop sessions, on Monday's, Tuesday's or Thursday's (as per majority vote of accepted students) from the week of July 1st through the week of July 30th.  Independent mentorship sessions determined by student + instructor starting in August.

Calling all:  Any+All who desire to work with their own body as an instrument of inspiration, deepening into their own process of self-discovery and confidence through movement/dance, performance and Jungian thought. No experience necessary.