Small Business Consultations

with Jennifer L. Kerns, M.A. 


Are you a healing arts professional, coach, artist, or mental health professional who feels ready to take actionable steps towards manifesting your dream career?

Is hesitation, overwhelm, or doubt getting in your way of celebrating personal agency and creative potential?

Just not sure where to start logistically or how to stay inspired

As a small business coach, I offer individualized support to you and your goals, provide honest feedback and guidance, and essentially share with you everything I've learned along my way of launching two successful small businesses in the field of healing arts (Reiki and Education) and mental health (psychotherapy).

Starting with where you are at, and moving at a pace that allows for depth of product development and management, we will develop skills for problem-solving barriers and roadblocks that get in the way of business planning and execution, and explore ways to increase your product's value in your respective market.

I will also offer appropriate referrals to resources as needed or desired.

My Services are offered on an individual or group basis and my standard fees are as follows:

50 minute consultation- $85.00

I am now accepting medicaid and BlueCrossBlueShield for those who would like to explore this subject under the umbrella of therapy, with a focus on vocation and money as therapeutic objectives + life skill goals.

Consultations available in-person, via skype, or by phone.