Reiki Treatment

with Jennifer L. Kerns, M.A., Reiki Master practitioner + Educator


Reiki is a non-invasive Japanese spiritual healing practice, much like meditation or mindfulness practices, that brings balance to one’s state of recovery biologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Reiki is often called "hands-on-healing," because as a practitioner, we use light touch to facilitate the treatment. Reiki is a nationally recognized as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and is often used by providers and practitioners alike as an effective adjunctive healing service to conventional medicines. 

My clients often report that Reiki helps them to function better, think more clearly, and feel more balanced and relaxed throughout their days. 


reiki soothes the challenges of:


Academic and professional performance issues
Acute & Chronic pain management
Addictions and Substance use
Body Image
Conception, and pregnancy/post-pregnancy
Depression, Anxiety & Stress related symptoms
Grief and loss
Mind-Body Integration
Pre & Post operative surgery
Stress-Reduction and management
Substance Use
Trauma & PTSD
Relationship Issues


Clients I work with:

The clients I work with are diverse in age and life experiences ranging from young one's still in the womb to those well into their 90s, high school and college students, Vets, teachers, artists, stay at home Moms, and health care providers looking for some extra self-care.



Reiki for All

Traditional Reiki session for the curious, the beginner, for any human.

Fee: $85.00 / hour


Consultations for Medical Professionals & Healing Providers

Discover how Reiki can be beneficial to your clients' and learn simple techniques to create a balancing environment. 

Fee: $85.00/ hour


Pre & Post Natal Reiki Care

These sessions provide intuitive gentle energy to guide the mother and child through their journey. 

Fee: $85.00 / hour