Master-Teacher Apprenticeship


Overview:  This training is available for students who have completed their Master Degree and wish to become Reiki Master Teachers and teach Reiki to others.

In this training program, students are supported individually, from start to finish, in teaching the First, Second, and Master degrees of Reiki. In this class, students receive the final "teaching" Reiki symbol and learn to initiate others. Course emphasis is placed on the cultivation of a multi-cultural approach to teaching, healing, creating non-denominational healing environments, and mindfulness practice. Student's explore what will is unique to their personality and interest as a Master-Teacher, and will are fully supported in the development of their classes. Classroom discussions will touch upon topics such as leading workshops for professionals, including psychotherapeutic Reiki, initiating Reiki volunteer programs in hospitals or hospice centers, and mainstreaming Reiki with Western healthcare.

New Course Developments! Post- Degree Self Development Coaching:

To deepen each students' self-development throughout their training period, this program now offers 6 post-degree coaching sessions with Jennifer Kerns, Depth therapist and coach. Spiritual Coaching sessions hold space for deepening the psychospiritual development of each Reiki practitioner as they navigate and integrate their initiation into  this profoundly healing  spiritual practice. Students can customize these post-degree coaching sessions to meet their specific training needs. 

Finally, this course closes with students receiving individualized support on project development and business management specifically tailored to their personal interest and business plan as Reiki Master Teachers. 

Course Dates:  Individual and small group courses designed to fit your schedule.

Pre-requisites:   One  Reiki Intake Session    with master teacher Jennifer Kerns.  Reiki Master degree and a minimum of 1 year of experience in the field.

Time:  15 class hours over the course of 3 - 4 months, plus 6 post-degree coaching sessions and an individualized teaching practicum (moves at student-teacher's pace, class by class, over the course of 1 - 2 years).  Students are also expected to be immersed in self-directed study at home in between training sessions, reading, writing, and engaging in self-care practices as well as daily self-reiki.

Location:  Burlington, VT

Certification:  Students completing the course will receive a Master/Teacher Degree certification in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage of Reiki Natural Healing.

Instructor:   Jennifer Kerns is the owner of Temenos Vermont. A clinically trained Depth psychotherapist (Jungian therapist, Pacifica Graduate Institute), teacher, and meditation instructor, Jenn has studied Buddhist meditation and Subtle Energy Medicine extensively, having lived and studied with teachers in India, Bolivia, and Peru.  She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui lineage of Reiki Natural healing, and a member the  Center for Reiki Research, a national organization that works to promote scientific awareness of Reiki. 

Tuition:  Sustaining: $3,675; Mid: $3,087; Base: $2,499;  You choose. 
(Tuition fees do not include require textbooks- $60.00)

 *Please note that 'sustaining' fees reflect the "actual" at-cost administrative fees for running this program. Students are invited to pay within their means,  at the sliding scale 'tier' that feels most manageable.  Please note that monthly payment programs are available for students. 

Scholarship:   VSAC Non-Degree Grants Available to Cover Full Tuition.