Psychotherapeutic Reiki

with Jennifer L. Kerns, M.A. 


Psychotherapeutic Reiki sessions are where, in the words of Dr. Richard Curtin, we open to the psychotherapeutic process "leading with reiki" and the body, "letting the words follow."

As a safe and effective body-based practice, like yoga, EFT, somatic experiencing, or meditation,  augmenting your psychotherapy with reiki healing has many benefits.

We know that receiving reiki directly shifts one's neurobiology in the brain by initiating the relaxation response. This is incredibly healing since the relaxation response is the opposite of our body's limbic response (fight, freeze, or flight). By calming one's brain stem (nervous system) and amygdala in the therapy, we can better access our pre-frontal cortex which is what helps us to make sense of our thoughts, memories, and emotions and act with wisdom and intelligence.

Reiki therapy also creates space to give our body permission to completely relax and rest even in the midst of painful or traumatic content that is surfacing. This is especially important as we allow ourselves to re-experience painful memories, feelings, and sensations (tolerance building) and create new meanings and memories around them. This is essential to addressing, resolving, and integrating trauma. 

Psychotherapeutic Reiki is an is a holistic and integrative approach that allows for deeper processing and integration of the arising therapeutic content within the healing context of your session.  

This service is available for current psychotherapy clients and as an adjunct to the work of other therapists and healers. 

Fee: $125 / session

Sliding scale available. BCBS/Medicaid accepted. 


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