Reiki Training Courses

Hands to Heart.


Reiki Level 1: Shoden

This class is designed for the beginner Reiki student. In addition to being introduced to the history of the  Usui Shiki Ryōhō lineage of Reiki  and its principles and precepts, this class will support the development of your natural intuitive senses. Students are taught the traditional Japanese Reiki hand positions for optimal practice on oneself and others, and are initiated to the First level of Reiki energy, known as Shoden, which translates as  "Elementary/Entry Teachings."  This class places attention on the personal application of Reiki, such as self-practice and self-care, and gives you tools for working with others effectively.


Reiki Level 3: Shinpiden

In level III, known as  Shinpiden, or the "Mystery Teachings," students engage in an intensive training program that offers a thorough review of the First and Second degree teachings and  teaches the the final "Master" symbols. In addition to learning the application of the final "Master" symbols, this course places emphasis on the mastership of Reiki Natural Healing as a healing modality, both theoretically and historically. Drawing on each student's practice and personal experiences, this course moves to understand Reiki not just as a healing practice, but also as a lifestyle of living in "balance." Student's will be encouraged to share their understandings in such ways. Students will also receive tools for facilitating workshops and classes in the community, and receive on-going small business consultation to help them fine-tune their management and marketing skills throughout their career.  As a new addition  to this course to facilitate body-centered and experiential learning, this course now offers  three Reiki healing immersion sessions with the Master Teacher Jennifer Kerns  to model the facilitation of  Reiki treatment for students  transitioning into opening a private practice. 


Advanced Reiki Practitioner Training

This training is geared towards Reiki practitioners who have already received their First, Second, or Third Reiki degrees but feel out of practice and need a 'refresher' class to fine tune their skills and techniques. This custom built class is individualized to each practitioner's needs. It can range from a 'nuts and bolts' review of the First degree principles and teachings, to a re-initation of the Reiki symbols at the Second or Third degree. This class guarantees that each student will be introduced to mindfulness based meditation techniques, review the Reiki precepts, share in a discussion of the medical benefits of practicing Reiki, and learn the basics of managing and marketing a private Reiki practice.

Reiki Level 2: Okuden

Okuden translates as "Inner Teachings".  Students review of the foundational teaching of the First Degree class and are introduced to working with ancient Reiki symbols that enhance practitioner efficacy and spiritual development. Additionally, this course considers the application of mindfulness meditation as a practice that deepens our understanding of Reiki and strengthens our relationship to our "inner witness." Students can expect to  discuss the current medical benefits of Reiki as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and to be introduced to basic marketing and business management skills that will support their private Reiki practice. 


Reiki Master-Teacher Apprenticeship

This training is available for students who have completed their Master Degree and wish to become Reiki Master Teachers and teach Reiki to others. In this training program, students shadow a Master Teacher in the field, and are supported individually, from start to finish, in teaching the First, Second, and Master degrees of Reiki. In this class, students receive the final "teaching" Reiki symbol and learn to initiate others. To deepen each students' self-development throughout their training period, this program comes with 6 spiritual coaching sessions with Jennifer Kerns, Depth therapist and coach. 



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