Creative Concept Development: Summer 2017

Music: Hosting the Sonic Experience

 An Experiential Approach

with Wren Kitz, Sound Artist + Teacher

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.
— Carl Gustav Jung

SouLABVT's Creative Concept Development courses are designed to support the developing artist to explore the nature of, and vocational applications for, one's creative gifts. 

Anchored in the theory and practice of the experiential learning model, this course aims to nurture rich soul-making conditions essential for self-discovery throughout the creative process.

2017 Course Offering:

This summer session we are excited and honored to host guest teacher and musician Wren Kitz for: "Music - Hosting the Sonic Experience : An Experiential Approach."

As a songwriter and sound artist, I have developed my own personal concept of the creative process that can provide structure in young or developed moments in a musical project. While developing thoughts in hosting my own relationship to the sonic experience, I have obtained knowledge in analog and digital recording technology, live sound engineering, live music performance, field recording, and songwriting with emphasis on accessing creative truth through improvisation and stream of consciousness. My own unique and personal style of music has been informed by blending traditional guitar-and-voice songwriting with field recording and tape collage experimentation. In attempt to developed a ghostly and contemplative form of musical expression, I have begun to ponder ways to break down walls between genre categorizations. As a mentor/instructor I will help to provide tools needed to see an artistic vision through creative concept development and practical application.
— Wren Kitz, Instructor

Who This Course is Designed For:  SOUND + ARTIST
Whether you are still in the thought process, starting steps, or in the middle of your idea and creative project, this course gives you the tools needed to see your artistic vision through both in concept and its practical applications.

The primary core teaching objectives for this course are:

  • help students' develop competence and confidence as a developing artist;
  •  cultivate and diversify students' creative and financial resources;
  • support students' to gain the basic marketing  and networking skills  essential for increasing their scope of creative influence in the community and beyond. 

What You Will Get From This Course:

Throughout the course, and moving at your pace, you will receive:

  • eight 2-hour immersive creativity sessions with Wren Kitz, individualized to meet your artistic development and project needs. 

Course Dates: July 1, 2017 - December 2017

Pre-Requisites:  None. However, students must provide their own musical equipment. 

Wren's Idea of Fun: Are we are good fit creatively?

Three Words:

  1. "Experimental Sound/Music"
  2. "Sound Collage"
  3. "Song-writing."

Time:  Individualized one on one sessions, averaging over the course of 3 - 6 months. The time-frame of this course  is to be determined by you and the instructor, and will take into consideration the pace and needs of the student-artist and their project.

Location:  Home/studio visits in the Chittenden/Burlington, VT area. 

Certification: Students will receive a certification of completion from Temenos Vermont along with a final product from their proposed project

Wren Kitz is a songwriter and sound collector based in Burlington, VT.  The Music of Wren Kitz is contained in a capsule. Its intention to trigger the dream vein uncovers layers of nostalgia and visuals. Combining his song writing with samplings from his large found sound cassette library, Wren gives us a look into his melancholic and intriguing world of song.

listen: wren kitz

as seen in: Spin magazine; section sign records; waking windows; TINYMIXTAPES

Sliding Scale Fees:  Sustaining: $2,600 Mid: $2,415 Base:  $1,832.50  

Please note that 'sustaining' fees reflect the "actual" at-cost fee  for running this program. Students are invited to pay within their means,  at the sliding scale 'tier' that feels most manageable. Payment Plans are available for students for this course. 

Scholarship:   VSAC Non-Degree Grants Available to Cover PartialTuition. 

For further inquiries + questions regarding the COURSE (interest in course, specifics of course material, personal concerns), email the instructor:

 Wren Kitz